Francis Zeischegg is a concept-artist and has been teaching as a professor at various art colleges and universities in Germany. She is currently teaching art-practice and artistic design at the Bauhaus University in Weimar in the department of art and design and also at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Over the last 20 years, Francis Zeischegg had numerous solo-exhibitions and received awards and scholarships. She published limited editions, catalogues and artist-books. She also won competitions for site-specific projects in the urban environment.
Francis Zeischegg has initiated temporary projects and interventions in social and public spaces.Her work focuses on the perception of space, examining its boundaries and limits through different perspectives. In her sculptures and installations are replicas or quotations of objects and everyday situations. They deal with the physicality of use and perception involving both, the participant and the observer. The artwork of Francis Zeischegg is part of public and private collections and can be seen in temporary exhibitions as well as in fixed installations in public and private spaces. FrancisZeischegg lives and works in Berlin.

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public observation
temporary outdoor


6. Berlin Biennale 2010  perfomative Installation "public observation“ by  Francis Zeischegg ( event in the streets in front of the Galerie Nord, just as on the roofs, on top of the city). During the term, the pedestrian could experience „public observation“ on their own.